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Quick Response Teams: Interdisciplinary Overdose Response and Prevention

CHJ facilitated this July 2019 episode of the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (or COAP) podcast series, in which Daniel Meloy introduces the Quick Response Team model for overdose response and prevention. 

Quick Response Teams, or QRTs, are pre-arrest diversion (deflection) programs that involve interdisciplinary overdose follow-up and engagement with survivors to link individuals to treatment during the critical period following overdose. QRTs originated in Colerain Township, Ohio, spread across the Appalachian region, and have applications for communities across the country challenged by the opioid epidemic and recurring overdoses and overdose deaths. Daniel Meloy describes the origin of QRT, describes the QRT model in practice, discusses stakeholder engagement and developing critical partnerships to implement QRTs, and presents challenges and successes of the Colerain Township QRT.

Listen to the podcast, or read the transcript via the link, below.