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Working alongside national partners, CHJ provides critical resources on best practices for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) programming within prison facilities. CHJ staff have been training and technical assistance (TTA) faculty for BJA’s RSAT program for more than a decade, and have contributed to the development of guidelines for enhancing a therapeutic community, defining the role of corrections officers in a  RSAT program, and developing linkage programs for aftercare services. 

Report / Issue Brief | 2017
Promising Practice Guidelines for Residential Substance Abuse TreatmentJac Charlier, and the CHJ team, were an integral part of the collaboration which resulted in the creation of this November 2017 report, as well as the training and technical assistance it describes.Promising Practice Guidelines...
Report / Issue Brief | 2016
for Justice Populations is the lead publication in our comprehensive Medicaid Policy Series.This brief and the others in the series are designed to help leaders maximize the opportunities of Medicaid expansion in order to more swiftly and...
Report / Issue Brief | 2016
for Justice PopulationsThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers states a Medicaid state plan option called “health homes." This concept can be particularly useful in preparing individuals with chronic conditions for reentry into the community. States can designate certain providers,...