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From our own internal staffing to how we do our work, CHJ views what we do through the lens of equity, be it racial, gender, income, and/or geographic. This includes being intentional and deliberate to ensure that the voices of those who have been and might be impacted by the justice and behavioral health system are involved in the development of solutions. It also means collecting, evaluating and making decisions using data on equity. 

Year Resource Type Title
Report / Issue Brief | 2012
The Illinois Racial and Ethnic Impact (REI) Research Task Force was formed in 2011 as a non-partisan, multi-disciplinary group of policymakers, agency leaders, justice system professionals and practitioners,...
Report / Issue Brief | 2010
The Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study (DJIS) Commission was formed in 2009 as a nonpartisan, multi-disciplinary group of policymakers, agency leaders, and justice professionals charged by...