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Specialized Case Management

Case management is the backbone that connects justice and behavioral health. Case management brings about benefits to all: the system seeks impact and accountability; the affected person needs access to services and support in accessing the right services for them; the family seeks support in navigating complex systems and services; and the taxpayers expect their investments to be maximized. Case management does all of this.

Launched in 1972 through a federal demonstration project, the TASC model offered a way to bring case management to courts, probation, and jails. Four years later, the concept was formalized in Cook County, Illinois with the founding of TASC, Inc., which is the parent organization of CHJ. Today, our foundational work in this area is now used across the justice system as the recognized approach to bridge the justice and behavioral health systems. Additionally, CHJ has developed an international curriculum for case management to bring this experience to the rest of the globe.

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Our specialized case management services include clinical assessment, placement into community-based services, client advocacy, and ongoing monitoring and support to increase clients’ success. TASC When people face several overwhelming challenges at...