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Winners’ Circle Facilitator Training

Winners' Circles are peer-led support groups for people striving to remain free from past drug use and criminal justice involvement. Winners’ Circles offer safe environments for former offenders to develop healthy lifestyles, learn and practice social skills, address problems that previously led to criminal activity, expand their networks of recovery associates, and offer encouragement and support to others. Members are actively involved in family, recreational, and community projects, serving as volunteers, mentors, recovery advocates, and role models to other peer support groups and community organizations.

Our 2-day Winners’ Circle Facilitators Training will teach you how to:

  • begin a Winners’ Circle in your community
  • identify and mentor Winners’ Circle leaders
  • make your Winners’ Circle sustainable and self-sufficient
  • and much more

All training materials are provided. Ongoing support is available to ensure your program’s success.

Please contact us to learn more or to obtain a copy of the Winners' Circle Facilitator Manual:

Jac Charlier, Executive Director, TASC's Center for Health and Justice
Phone: 312-573-8302